Will Smith Posted Video With Russian Music on Social Network Page [Video]

A video posted by the famous American actor, Will Smith, on his Instagram page contains Russian music on the background. Due to this factor, it faced the condemnation of English-speaking users and the support of Russians. 

The video shows the process of shooting a scene from a movie with a car driving through fog. The authors used a lamp, a treadmill, and a smoke machine to achieve the desired effect. The video was accompanied by a song in Russian.

“You’d be surprised how many shots in movies are made Just Like This! LOVE the creativity,” Smith wrote under the video.

In the comments, English-speaking users pointed out to the actor that the musical accompaniment of the video is inappropriate:

“Listening to Russian music, eating their food and watching their movies is a shame,” 6elleepoque claimed.

Nevertheless, Russian-speaking users of the social network liked the video. In the comments under the publication. They shared their impressions, supporting their country and each other, expressing admiration for Will’s courage and saying that “they came to the comments to see how many Russians will gather here.”

  • “It’s very brave in such a difficult time for Russia. Thank you.”
  • “Pushed like only for the Russian music.”
  • “Let’s show how many Russians are here!”

“When others are afraid to speak Russian, Smith puts Russian song on.”

Also, the singer himself decided to come to Will’s page to thank for appreciating his work:

Ru-Main, 19.01.2023
Source: Izvestia 

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