Wireless Headphones Gaining Russian Market

Federal chain store selling smartphones and other equipment (“Svyaznoy”) summed up the sales of headphones on the Russian market for 9 months of 2019.

From January to September, Russians bought 11.5 million headphones for a total of 23.7 billion rubles, which exceeded last year’s figures by 28% as for goods, and 63% as for money.

“This year continues the redistribution of demand from wired to wireless headphones. To date, each of the leading audio manufacturers has released its own version of wireless headphones, the cost of which varies from 1,590 rubles for the base model, to the latest one created by Apple (AirPods Pro) for 20,990 rubles. Leading manufacturers are more likely to produce models with noise reduction, moisture protection, extended battery life and support for wireless charging,” says David Borzilov, “Svyaznoy” vice president of sales.

The average cost of headphones in 2019 increased by 27% and amounted to 2100 rubles. The sales leaders were JBL, Sony, Apple and Samsung. The driver of sales growth is the steady demand formed by customers of wireless headphones, which account for about 35% of the market in quantity and 71% in the money.

Ru-Main, 14.11.2019 

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