Women from Rostov Region Caught Thief

In Semikarakorsk, two women stopped a bicycle thief. Irina and Olga were in a shop when one of their friends saw that her bike, parked nearby, was missing, 1rnd reported with reference to the press service of the Don Central Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

Picture: Rostov Regional Website

First, the women called the police and then noticed how the thief was riding the stolen bike. They immediately decided to take control of the situation and rushed to save their property themselves, before police officers arrived at the place.

“We shouted to him, “Give us the bike”. Well, he was drunk. We caught up with him, knocked him down, called the district police officer,” the women told.

As a result, they caught the thief and held him until the police arrived. The bike was given back to the owner, and the women were awarded certificates for the active civil position.

Ru-Main, 15.08.2020 

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