Women’s Entrepreneur Contest Announces Winner

Otkritie Bank, Otkritie Management Company and OK! Magazine summed up the results of the #vsesama Competition. Jewellery designer from Omsk, Marianna Zgorzhelskaya, will receive 100 thousand rubles for the development of her own business, reports OK.Magazine.RU.  

Picture: Omsk Regional Website

The competition #vsesama brought together active talented women from 16 cities of Russia, whose daily investments in themselves and their favourite business made it possible to achieve their goals and gain recognition.

An expert jury determined the best business project from the contest participants. It was won by Marianna Zgorzhelskaya, a woman entrepreneur, who opened an atelier jewellery workshop and promotes her business through Instagram.

According to the deputy president and chairman of the board of Otkritie Bank Nadia Cherkasova, the active involvement of women in entrepreneurship may become one of the growth points of the Russian economy.

“In the past three years, we have seen an increase in the number of women entrepreneurs. According to the Women Business Index, 84% of women are considering starting a business. And the bank supports them, offering loans for business development at a special rate of 9.5%,” said Nadia.

The competition was supported by Liasan Utiasheva, Honored Master of Sports, Daria Klishina, winner of Russian and international long jump competitions, famous singer Katya IOWA, founder of the school of makeup artists Aiza Anokhina, and others well-known, women who have achieved success. More details can be found on the competition Instagram-Page.

Ru-Main, 24.12.2019

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