Women’s Hockey Revived in Chelyabinsk

Women’s hockey is being revived in Chelyabinsk, chelTV reports. Along with “Chelmet” and “Polar Bears” in the system of the ‘Traktor’ club in the new season will appear the new team.  

Picture: Ural Hockey Website

It is noted that women’s hockey in Chelyabinsk began to develop actively in the mid-90s. Since that time, the team had the names “Metelitsa” (“Blizzard”) (1997-1998), “Nika” (1998-2000), and “Kazak-Uralsky” (2000-2002). In the 2010/2011 season, it won the bronze of the Russian Championship, performing under the name “Fakel” (“Torch”). Later, in 2014, the team acquired the name “Polar Bears” (in Russian it sounds like “female polar bears”) and entered the ‘Traktor’ system.

Having played only one season, the team was disbanded, and women’s hockey in Chelyabinsk ceased to exist. Now, six years later, “Polar Bears” will resume games, and in the near future, the management of ‘Traktor’ will be busy with the team and coaching staff for the upcoming season.

Ru-Main, 11.04.2021 

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