Working Russians Shared Plans for December 31

The job search service conducted a study among more than 3,600 respondents from all regions of Russia and found out whether residents of the country are going to work on New Year’s Eve (December 31). According to the results of the study, 31% of the surveyed will not work on this day, while 36% noted that their work schedule depends only on their employers. 

In terms of full-time work, 54% of those surveyed indicated that they would work full-time. Provided that they work on the pre-holiday day, 41% of respondents are comforted by the fact that they can earn more than usual, 13% are happy to work on the eve of the holiday, since they do not need to participate in the pre-New Year’s preparations at home, and 10% are satisfied with the idea of celebrating the coming year with colleagues.

While 39% of respondents are willing to work on the specified day, the rest are willing to stay at home on December 31st. Thus, 25% of Russian residents would agree with their bosses to work this day another time, 13% noted that they could take a vacation, and 10% could work remotely. Also, 8% would take sick leave and 5% of respondents would be ready to get a day off by donating blood to a hospital.

Ru-Main, 10.12.2020 

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