World Famous Hospital Clown Came to St. Petersburg

The famous American hospital clown, Patch Adams, amused patients of the St. Petersburg Children’s Hospice. The doctor dyes his hair blue, wears colourful shorts and a funny hat in the shape of a shaggy chicken, and uses a huge baby dummy instead of a stethoscope.

The main medicine of Dr Adams is care and attention to the small patient and their relatives. The real name for “Healer Adams” is Dr Hunter Doherty Adams. More than 30 years ago, as a professional physician, he concluded that laughter accelerates recovery and helps to cope with diseases. So Dr Adams invented hospital clowns, which have since begun to appear in different countries.

He and his team travel annually to hospitals and orphanages around the world to help children fight illnesses with laughter and good humour. Patch Adams and his team began their journey through the hospitals of St. Petersburg with a visit to the smallest patients of the Children’s Hospice. Patch Adams devoted at least half an hour to communicating with each child.

“The revolution of love begins with ourselves,” he said.

About the life of Dr Adams, Hollywood director Tom Shediak made the film “Healer Adams”, in which the clown was played by Robin Williams. In St. Petersburg, the Patch Adams team will spend several days visiting various medical institutions in the city and entertaining little patients.

Ru-Main, 19.11.2019


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