X-School Students Showed First Engineering Developments

In Rostov, there took place the opening of a pilot educational project of the Don State Technical University – Institute of Advanced Technologies “X-School”. Students presented practical results of the first two educational modules mastered from the beginning of the academic year.

Picture: DSTU Official Website

At the institute, students are offered a set of compulsory disciplines and a wide selection of elective modules to study. Mentors-practitioners who work with teams to solve technical problems are involved as teachers. One of the key areas is the training of specialists for smart agriculture.

“Our task is to prepare a modern competitive engineer to solve the urgent tasks of enterprises, to teach us to design and develop our own technological high-tech projects,” said the rector of DSTU Besarion Meskhi.

Training at the Institute of Advanced Technologies started in September this year. As part of the first module of the Goldberg Machine, students studied technical disciplines – mathematics, physics and engineering graphics. They were also asked to carry out engineering calculations, develop a 3D model and construct an efficient Goldberg machine from available materials.

The second Rapid Farm training module focuses on designing an autonomous greenhouse. This includes practical training at the enterprise and the formation of a pool of resources for the implementation of ideas. And in the “X School”, they are required to thoroughly study English language to be able to get the best knowledge from leading practitioners from around the world (one module on new materials is conducted by the professor of Sydney University Michael Swain).

Ru-Main, 03.12.2019

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