Yandex Combined City Travel Services With Ordering Food and Groceries

The new Yandex.Go application appeared in Google Play and the AppStore instead of Yandex.Taxi. There, will be added “Yandex.Drive”, “Yandex.Eda”, and “Yandex.Lavka”. According to the press service of the company, the applications will continue to be available separately, fontanka reported. 

Yandex launches the Go application that combines services for solving routine tasks. Fast movement around the city by taxi, car-sharing, and trips with a personal driver, express delivery of dishes from restaurants and groceries from stores, as well as the instant dispatch of parcels and cargo are now collected in one place. It is noted that the first steps towards the new application were made in March 2020 when Eda and Lavka were added to Yandex.Taxi. The company hopes that now the drivers and couriers working on orders will not have to spend too much time waiting for an order.

Ru-Main, 19.08.2020 

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