Yekaterinburg Drivers Made Snowflake Out of Cars [Video]

On December 14-15, drivers of Yekaterinburg arranged a flash mob in the parking lot at the KomsoMOLL shopping center, building a snowflake out of their cars. 

The drivers met at 21:00. In total, it took almost two hours to create a snowflake. The motorists lined up in their cars and turned on the headlights to make the snowflake shine.


The snowflake was collected by members of two communities: “Night traffic” and “Subabox”, according to Yekaterinburg regional website. They decided to wish the residents of Yekaterinburg a Happy New Year.

“For the second year in a row, we have been doing it by ourselves. Last year we made a small Christmas tree, this year we decided to make a snowflake. Next year it will be even more fun and cool,” the organizers of the flash mob said.

Last December, motorists in Yekaterinburg arranged a Christmas tree out of cars. This year the flash mob will be repeated, it will be held on December 21. 

Ru-Main, 15.12.2019

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