Yekaterinburg Half-Marathon to Become Part of World Record

The all-Russian half-marathon ZaBeg (“ForRun”) with synchronous is expected to become the largest running event in the world. At 9 am Moscow time on May 31, 150 thousand participants will start running. 

Traditionally, half-marathon routes run along the central streets and historical places of the city. That is why in St. Petersburg the route runs through the Palace Embankment past the Hermitage, in Vladivostok, the route passes through the famous Russian Bridge, and in Moscow, through the Kremlin.

The high-tech timing equipment will be used to count the time of each of the 150 thousand athletes. Timing systems will be delivered from Belarus, Uzbekistan, the city of Valencia (Spain) and Haarlem (Netherlands).

One of the most important features of the project is the competition for the title of “running capital” of Russia. The running capital of Russia is determined by the average distance passed by all participants of the city, the ratio of the participants to the total population of the city, and the average running speed of the participants.

More details can be found on the organizers’ official website.

Ru-Main, 17.02.2020

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