Pearls of Avant-garde: Malevich and Kandinsky in Yekaterinburg Museum

A new exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts can be seen from November 26. There will open a separate hall with the pride of the museum – a collection of Russian avant-garde of the 1910s.

There will be exhibited works by Vasily Kandinsky, Kazimir Malevich, Alexander Rodchenko and other innovators.

For the sake of this exposition, the museum restored paintings, 20 old frames and installed special lights, thanks to which it will be possible to see the paintings better.

The most important point in the work on the exposition was the restoration of paintings, the most ambitious in the work that was done was the restoration of one of the central paintings of the exhibition.

The paintings of Fyodor Moller’s “Kiss”, Nikolai Podkonnikov’s “Woman’s Portrait”, Lev Kamenev’s “Moonlit Night”, Khariton Platonov’s “Oksana” will be introduced into the halls of the art of the 18th – 19th centuries.

Another innovation: 10 paintings in the museum come to life using the Argin application – it will be enough to point your camera on them.

The permanent exhibition “Russian Art of the 18th – early 20th Century” (0+) will be presented from November 26 at Voevodina St., 5.

Tickets: 250 rubles (100 rubles – for pensioners and schoolchildren).

Ru-Main, 23.11.2019, Picture: Museum of Fine Arts Website 

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