Yekaterinburg Resident Changed Patronymic to Matronymic

A resident of Yekaterinburg, Alla Chikinda, changed her patronymic to matronymic, RIA News reports. The girl changed her patronymic Vasilievna (derived from the father’s name Vasily) and became Irinovna (derived from the mother’s name Irina). She added that the registry office employees did not even ask her about the reasons, as “it became a usual thing in the country”. 

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“A mother plays a much more important role in a person’s life in general, because she carries, gives birth, nurses, and brings up a person. On average, fathers play a much smaller role in raising children than mothers,” Chikinda said.

The girl considers it unfair that a father appears in all documents of a person, which also applies to both the surname and patronymic, while the role of a mother is “not documented” anywhere.

Ru-Main, 06.10.2020 

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