Yekaterinburg Resident Decided to Set Record for Longest Dance Lesson [Video]

Yekaterinburg residents are going to set a record for the longest dance lesson in the world. They were dancing on the terrace for 16 hours, from 8 am until midnight, reports. 

The idea belongs to the world champion in salsa and bachata, the founder of the dance school in Yekaterinburg, Maksim Shcherbakov. He decided to prove that even during a pandemic it is possible to work and set records. All 16 hours of dancing were broadcast online. Participants changed every hour. Among them were both dancers with experience and beginners. Most of the time, champions danced the bachata, but sometimes interrupted by salsa. Officially, the record has not yet been registered, but the application was accepted at the International Agency for Records Registration.

Ru-Main, 30.05.2020

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