Yekaterinburg Resident Sells ZIL Car for 36 Million Rubles

Two leaders of the USSR, Yuri Andropov and Konstantin Chernenko, moved in a rare limousine ZIL-4104. Now, the current owner of the car, produced in the 1983 year, asks for it 36 million rubles. The run of the vehicle is 52,000 kilometres with the engine of 7.7 litres, and a capacity of 315 litres, reports. 

The car was bought in 2004 in a very difficult condition. In 2005–2008, it underwent a complete restoration with only original spare parts.

It is specified that the interior is remained the same, with an electric partition, ventilation, heating, and air conditioning system, and there is also remote control of the radio and tape recorder.

It is also noted that on each part separated from the body of the car, for example, bumper and its parts, there is a special number. That is how experts distinguish a real ZIL from handmade assembled cars by craftsmen in workshops.

Ru-Main, 24.08.2020, Pictures: Auto Sales Website  

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