Yekaterinburg Residents Will be Able to See Huge Venus

On the evening of December 29, residents of Yekaterinburg will be able to see an unusual celestial phenomenon. Near the moon, with the naked eye, you can see Venus – the brightest planet in the sky. 

According to Vladilen Sanakoev, an engineer at the Ural Federal University educational observatory, Venus will be comparable in brightness to the young Moon, but in size, it will appear to be a point, albeit a very bright one. According to Gismeteo, the sky over Yekaterinburg will be clear. So Venus will be clearly visible.

Raise yourself a New Year’s mood – look at the crescent of the moon on the evening of December 29! Vladilen says that anyone can find a beautiful couple in the southwestern part of the sky low above the horizon.

Ru-Main, 28.12.2019

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