Chelyabinsk Schoolgirl Launched Cake Business

The resident of Chelyabinsk, Liza Noskova, began baking cakes using recipes from the Internet. Her mother, Elena, at first only watched, and when she was convinced that her daughter’s hobby was developing, she began to actively help, reports. Now the girl is 14 years old. During the last five years, she has completed several training courses in which she cooked on an equal basis with adults and now she already gives her own masterclasses.  

By the age of 9, all the relatives of the girl already knew about her hobby. For her birthday, Liza was presented with a cook’s tunic, trousers, and a cap. And almost immediately after that, she began to receive her first orders. At first, the clients were friends and relatives.

With her first earned money of 9,000 rubles, Liza bought a kneading machine. Then at the age of 10, she presented her mother white gold earrings with gems for the New Year with her earned money.

Now Liza has 150 different recipes for cakes and pastries in her database, which she has collected at different masterclasses. The cost of one cake made by her costs 3-4 thousand rubles. The mother of the girl accepts and delivers orders, as well as buys ingredients. She gives 1,000 rubles from each sale to her daughter, and the rest covers the expenses.

It is noted that Liza has also begun to conduct masterclasses by herself. She held the first one in 2017. Together with her mother, the schoolgirl rented a studio and invited visitors at a price of 2.5-3 thousand rubles per person.

Later, Elena’s friends who work at the recreation centre offered her a new branch for Liza’s business. Every summer for four years in a row, mom and daughter were taking cakes there, selling 75-100 pieces per week. In such busy times, Liza’s sister also comes to help.

Ru-Main, 01.10.2020, Pictures: Samara Regional Website 

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