Young Omsk Families to Receive 1 Million Rubles for Housing

In 2020, 14 Omsk families received social benefits and purchased or built housing with this money, om1 reports. In total, they received 13 million 409 thousand rubles, of which 4,012 million rubles were federal budget funds, 7,788 million rubles regional, and 1,609 rubles from the city funds.  

It is noted that this support will also be provided next year. The list of participants already includes 79 Omsk families. Upon receipt of funds from the federal and regional budgets, the Omsk Minister will determine the applicants for payment. The city budget will add another 12 per cent of the proceeds. It is specified that for advice on participation in housing programmes, young families can contact the “One Window Service” department of the city administration of Omsk.

Ru-Main, 22.11.2020 

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