Young People Less Likely Than Other Russians to Choose Money Instead of Career Growth

When choosing between a salary raise and a promotion, most Russians will choose money, according to a survey conducted by SuperJob job search service specialists. At the same time, young people under 24 are more interested in career growth than others, and Russians over 45 are more interested in raising their incomes.  

The results of the study showed that 76 per cent of Russians, with a choice between a salary raise or a promotion (without a salary increase), would choose money. Moreover, the importance of financial motivation grows with the age of employees. Among respondents over 45 years old, an increase in salary is more important than promotion for 82 per cent of respondents.

In turn, 16 per cent of Russians would choose a promotion. According to the respondents, career advancement for them is not only an authoritative title of the position but also a recognition of their professionalism and expansion of responsibility. This is mainly the opinion of young people (from 18 to 24 years old); of these, 24 per cent are interested in a promotion more than in a salary increase.

In addition, it was found out that men are slightly more likely than women to choose career growth (18 per cent versus 14 per cent), and women a bit more often choose money (78 per cent versus 74 per cent). Promotions are mostly preferred by directors, deputy executives, engineers, sales managers, administrators, sales consultants, drivers, doctors, teachers, and lawyers.

Ru-Main, 05.04.2021 

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