Young Rescuers Received their Rewards

Today in Yekaterinburg were awarded the best rescuers of the Sverdlovsk region, ordinary people who risked their lives helping others.

A resident of Severouralsk Julia almost drowned herself when she rushed to save the sinking girl.

– We walked with my sister across the bridge when we saw three girls. One of them was in the water, and two walked along the banks, shouting and asking for help. I just took off my schoolbag, gave it to my sister, told her to call for help, and ran to look for metal steps to go down to the water,” says Julia.

Julia tried to reach the girl but slipped, she fell into the water, and was carried by the flow. As a result, another passerby pulled out Julia, and when she was on the ground, she saw that the drowned woman was also helped.

Revda City resident Sergey received another award from the Ministry for Emergencies – he was handed a certificate for his courage, and now he has a badge for the “Participant in the Liquidation of the Consequences of an Emergency”.

A private hose caught fire, where Sergei was with his grandmother, younger brother and sister. He pulled the children through the window, put out the clothes on his grandmother, and then brought her out of the burning house.

“Of course, it was scary, but any man, probably, would not have been under the influence of some kind of psychosis, would not have worried, but would have done the same thing,” says Sergey.

They also awarded another guy, also named Sergey, who was walking along the embankment in Yekaterinburg and saved a resident of Tyumen, who fell under the ice. Sergei pulled out a man and took him to a cafe in the neighbourhood, where an ambulance was called for the victim.

In total 60 people were awarded for saving the lives of others.

Ru-Main, 21.11.2019, Picture: Yekaterinburg Regional Website

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