YouTube Blocked Russian Main Orthodox TV Channel

YouTube video hosting has blocked the account of the Orthodox TV channel “Spas”, which had more than 1 million subscribers. Now the TV channel is switching to Rutube. 

Picture: Spas Rutube Channel

Spas is a federal channel in Russia which is associated with the Russian Orthodox Church. In Russian, the word “spas” means “salvation”. The federal channel has started broadcasting on July 28, 2005. The main owner of the channel is the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church.

In January of this year, the Synodal department of the Moscow Patriarchate for Church-Society relations and the media reported that the TV channel “Spas”, the number of subscribers of which in the YouTube video service has reached 1 million people, has become the most popular Orthodox resource in Russia.

And today, on March 16, Spas was blocked on YouTube. It can be assumed (as there is no official information about the reason for the YouTube channel’s ban) that Spas’ YouTube channel was banned because the video-hosting platform prohibited the sermons of Archpriest Andrey Tkachev, broadcasting on this channel.

Tkachev was born in the Ukrainian city of Lviv and studied in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev. He was even a presenter on the All-Ukrainian Orthodox TV channel “Kievan Rus”. After the coup in Kiev, in 2014, he moved to Moscow. The priest said that the war in Ukraine has begun eight years ago, and the operation of the Russian military is the last chord that will end it.

According to his speech during the sermon on February 25, the war in Ukraine began eight years ago “with the damned Maidan.” The priest stressed that according to the spiritual law, the organizers of the Maidan, both the American masters of the Ukrainian authorities and their European hangers-on, are to blame for the troubles that befell the Ukrainian people.

“If we hadn’t done anything now, it would have flown here to Russia in two years. Without any mercy and without any warning. If they had come here, they would have cut us, and smeared the roofs with blood, as they used to say… Now we are ending this war, and we will end it!” Tkachev said.

According to the Archpriest, only a sick person can rejoice in war, but there are also inevitable things. He stressed that no one scolds a surgeon when he amputates a human organ to save his life. The military operation in Ukraine, in Tkachev’s opinion, is exactly the same surgery that will save more lives than an inaction would ruin.

According to the information of the TV channel, active work on the development of the Rutube channel is already underway and all new releases of programs are released on this website now.

“We also upload our archive to the channel so that everyone can find any issue of their favorite program at any time. Every day there are more and more releases from the archive – very soon all the premieres that have been released on the Spas for many years will be available to everyone again,” the press service of the TV channel said.

The TV channel “Spas” also continues to develop its accounts in social networks. New releases of programs, as well as live broadcasts with reviewers and guests of the channel are published on its VK social network page, in Telegram, the Odnoklassniki social network and on the Yandex.Zen platform.

Ru-Main, 16.03.2022
Source: TASS 

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