Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes: Experts Named Most Popular Russian Book

According to the analysts of the MyBook book service, Guzel Yakhina’s novel “Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes” topped the rating of the most popular books among Russians, written after 1992, RIA News reported.

Picture: RIA News Website

Experts analyzed the data for the entire existence of the service and found out which fiction and non-fiction books by domestic authors, written after June 12, 1992, are preferred by Russians. According to the results of the analysis, the leader of the rating was the debut novel of the writer from Kazan, Guzel Yakhina, “Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes”.

The top 3 also includes the popular science book “Red Pill. Face It!” by psychologist Andrey Kurpatov and the motivational bestseller “100 Ways to Change Your Life” by Larisa Parfentieva. The last part of the detective cycle about Erast Fandorin “Not Saying Goodbye” by Boris Akunin and the story “Apples from Shlitzbutter’s Garden” by Dina Rubina closed the top five of favourite books of Russians.

It is also noted that Andrey Kurpatov has become the most cited contemporary Russian author over the past year. On average, his statements were saved 1.5 times more often than those of other writers. Also among the most cited books were “7 Steps to Stable Self-Assessment” by Boris Litvak and “Never-Someday” by Elena Rezanova.

Ru-Main, 30.07.2020

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